8/22/09 Twins vs. Royals

I went to just my 2nd Royals game, Saturday, and it was great! I went out to BP and got a ball tossed up to me from some unknown Twins player. I WOULD have gotten another, but as I was realign up a baseball using the Glove Trick, an idiotic usher asked me to quote: “Stop if you want to keep that glove.”  She acted like she had told me already? This was the first time I had ever used the Glove Trick at a game. What screwed me was that the rubber band was too lose so I had to bring it up and tighten it. OF COURSE this had to happen during the game. I had used it a bunch at home and it worked great. Plus when I brought it up the rubber band looked exactly where it should be. Then what really sucked was that another kid came over and used the glove trick and got the SAME ball, and the usher didn’t stop him! The rest of the game went pretty well. The game itself was great, besides that the Royals lost. Man I have never seen a team that is so consistent in having bad pitching and good hitting, and bad hitting and good pitching. I just don’t get it?

Well I added to my lifetime total in getting 3 MLB baseballs. :p I also bought another MLB ball in a gift shop to make up for that other one. :p I’m not counting it though.

Game stats: 1 ball
Gotten a ball in 2 consecutive games.

Lifetime stats: 3 balls

Hey, thats pretty good for only going to 4 games in my lifetime. And in which 2 of them I didn’t even try to get a ball.